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Resources for Mt Tabor Artists: Local, Statewide, and Beyond

This is a blog post in progress ...

Introduction and request for updates and corrections:

I’m not an artist but I am surrounded by them, through blood and friendship. I offered to write this blog post for the Mt Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA). You may share this blog post. If you do share, please cite or link to the MTNA website for content attribution and outreach purposes:

Notice any errors?: Additional artist resources or corrections to any errors I’ve made here are very welcome. If you do so via the MTNA email,, please include “Attn: MTNA Blogger” in your email’s subject line.

Disclaimer: The information provided on the MTNA website blog is for casual use only. We do not provide legal, consumer, medical, familial or any other kind of advice, nor do we endorse any person, product, business, viewpoint, or corporation.

Privacy and Security Note: I no longer link to insecure websites, i.e. http websites. I will link only to secure ones (https://). You may do as you choose but I recommend that you not use those sites, especially if you are connecting to the web via public wifi.

Contents of this blog post:

) Finding Your People: Artists in Mt Tabor and Adjacent Neighborhoods

) Listservs and Social Media: local, regional, statewide

) Classes, Tutorials, Demonstrations, Oh My

) Showcasing and Marketing Your Art Locally and Online

) Sources of Inspiration

) More Art in Action

) The Business of Art:

) Public Art

Finding Your People: Artists in Mt Tabor and Adjacent Neighborhoods:

) Find one artist who is active in the Oregon artist community and you will find two more. Find two more and ….

) Ask about local artists’ Google Groups, Next Door Groups, etc. You can find Mt Tabor neighborhood listservs and social media links at our Featured Blog Post: Mt Tabor Neighborhood News, Social Media, and Email Groups

) Find your art, find your people, find your association: Watercolor, Photography, Sculpture, Cartoonists, Illustrators, Potters, Glass blowers, Woodworkers, etc. E.g. Oregon potters have the extraordinary Oregon Potters Association.

) E.g. Helioscope (formerly Periscope Studio) is for cartoonists, illustrators, writers, concept designers, graphic novelists, and storyboard artists based in downtown Portland, Oregon.

) PDX Comic Arts (“resource for the Portland, OR area community of comics creators, retailers, publishers, and fans) has an insecure website, so be careful especially if you're using public wifi.

) Listservs and Social Media: regional, statewide, national, and international: Almost every art museum, gallery, artist organization, and art school will have a list of social media links and other artist resources, so visit their websites.

) Instagram is an "art gallery" and "art studio" you can visit 24/7.

Classes, Tutorials, Demonstrations, Oh My:

) Academic and other teaching institution and organization resources (Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland State University, Portland Community College, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Portland Parks and Rec, etc.)

) YouTube classes, demos, art supply reviews, etc.

) Ask the people who work at art, craft, sewing, yarn, and other art and craft supply stores.

Showcasing and Marketing Your Art Locally and Online:

) Art in Portland (Travel Portland Arts and Monthly Art Walks webpages), including First Friday PDX, First Thursday, Last Thursday, etc.

) Art fairs abound in good weather: Salem Art Association and Fair, Art in the Pearl, Cracked Pots

) Talk to local retail establishments that showcase the works of local artists

Sources of Inspiration:

) Portland and other Oregon Art Museums, galleries and libraries, e.g. Travel Portland Museum and see also Travel Oregon

) Public library art collections and exhibits, e.g. Multnomah County Library has a large collection of art books to borrow and you can search their online Art Full Text database from the comfort of your own home..

) Historical and subject archives: Visit the Portland Area Archives blog for a list of Oregon archives and heritage sites.

More Art in Action:

) Edward Tufte and Visual Displays of Information

The Business of Art:

) Art supplies: talk to people working in the same medium and visit art supply stores

) Don’t forget SCRAP and other sources of gently used materials for collage and other types of artists. See also Cracked Pots.

) YouTube: art supply reviews, classes, artists,

) Visit art supply stores and ask about their supplies, networks, and advice

) Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (see also their Resource List)

) FASO, art marketing website

) Nolo (aka Nolo Press): legal self-help books for artists

Public Art in Oregon:

) Oregon Arts Commission (see also their databases and resource links)


Post updated 2/6/22.


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