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The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) is a volunteer group of Portlanders working on civic issues through Portland's official Neighborhood Association system, which is one part of the city's larger network of neighborhood/community involvement programs.


Portland's neighborhood groups emerged in the 1970s as citizens demanded better engagement with their local government. This neighborhood network transformed into the official Neighborhood Association system it is today when in 1975 a new state law required cities to include community participation in city planning


Every resident of our city has a Neighborhood Association they can call their own.  Unlike any other group, you don’t have to identify with a particular religion, or ethnicity, or party, or social movement to be welcomed into the practice of engaging with government when you do so through a Neighborhood Association. 


Today's Neighborhood Associations are the heart of neighborhood activities, and they work to reflect the issues and needs of their members. Membership is free and open to anyone who lives (renters too!), owns property, or maintains a business within the NA's boundaries.  Meetings are open to the public, discussions are transparent, and minutes are public record (you can find ours here on this website).

The MTNA serves all people living or working within these boundaries:

E. Burnside to the north

SE Division to the south

SE 76th Ave to the east

SE 49th Ave (from Burnside to Hawthorne) and 50th Ave (from Hawthorne to Division) to the west

Who We Are


MTNA Board Members

President: Paul Leistner

Secretary: Nadine Fiedler

Treasurer: Bing Wong

At Large: Rob Galanakis

At Large: John Laursen

At Large: Dave Petrozzi

At Large: Midge Pierce

At Large: Brad Yazzolino

Monthly meeting agenda builder: Paul Leistner. For inquiries:

Monthly meeting facilitator: Paul Leistner

MTNA Committees/Liaisons

Land Use Committee - Brian Mitchell, John Laursen

Friends of Mt. Tabor Park - Bing Wong 

Warner Pacific College - Paul Leistner

SE Uplift - (vacant)

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