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Downstream Dangers from Mt Tabor Reservoirs?

Our Mt Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) doesn’t just want to “save” Mt Tabor Park Reservoirs; MTNA wants to make sure they are safe - for visitors and for neighbors who live downstream, perhaps from Reservoir 6 (along SE 60th) or from the reservoirs further up the mountain that could drain in several directions in the event of a breach from a predictable event or from a less predictable but not unforeseen event such as an earthquake.

One of our MTNA neighbors spoke eloquently at the May 5th, 2022, City Council budget listening session, on behalf of neighbors’ concerns regarding a potential reservoir breach.

MTNA wants to know neighbors’ questions about the reservoirs, among other issues of concern. There may be informational public meetings in our futures, with engineers, firefighters, and other professionals whose jobs are to evaluate risks of fire, flood, and earthquake.

Your community needs you to help organize these informational public meetings and other neighborhood events. You can attend monthly MTNA meetings to get feedback on your ideas and tips for planning an event. Please take an active role in your MTNA. There are plenty of ways to volunteer.

Our MTNA Board members and other active community volunteers are knowledgeable about how city government works and how to advocate, but they need you to step up and be the volunteer who asks “how can I help?” instead of telling hard working volunteers, “you know what you should do ….”

Thank you!

This blog post was published on 5/17/22 (by Laura).


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