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Wildfire (and Covid-19) Information, Alerts, and Related Emergency Resources

Use the following websites for current links to the Red Cross, emergency housing, insurance info, price gouging reporting, and other emergency wildfire and Covid-19 resources:

Oregon Wildfires:

Oregon Office of Emergency Management:

Multnomah County:

Portland, Oregon (burn bans, wildfire alerts, etc.):

U.S. Senator Merkley:

U.S. Senator Wyden:

U.S. Representative (Oregon, District 3) Blumenauer:

Oregon Senator Dembrow (his daily newsletter is excellent):

Smoke Outlook:

Public Alerts (aka “reverse 911"): and

Oregon Department of Justice, Wildfire and Covid-19 scams and price-gouging:

Where to donate money (two of many options):

1) Oregon Food Bank:

2) Red Cross Cascades:

211 Info:

See these and my previous blog post (Purple Air) for air quality reports:

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