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Mt Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) Monthly Meeting, August 15, 2018

You can get the following meeting reminders and Agendas if you sign up for MTNA email via Google Group "Mt Tabor Neighbors."

"This group is designed to strengthen our connections as neighbors. It is lightly managed by your friendly neighborhood volunteer, Kate Raphael." TO JOIN: send email address to

This month's agenda:

Please find below the final agenda for the August 2018 Mount Tabor Neighborhood monthly meeting.

We hope to see you this Wednesday night.

Jim Smith MTNA Board

Meeting Agenda

August 15, 2018

6:50 Neighborhood Social Time - Come meet your neighbors!

7:00 Welcome & Introductions

7:05 MTNA Consent Agenda: Approve Minutes from Previous Month’s Meeting – Laura Smith

7:10 Treasurer’s Report – Bing Wong

7:15 Neighborhood Police Update – Mike Turaski

7:20 Environmental Overlay Zones Update Project – Mindy Brooks, Bureau of Planning & Sustainability 7:35 Land Use Update - Stephanie Stewart & John Laursen

7:45 Call for Announcements or Neighborhood Issues and Concerns – Mike Turaski

7:55 SEUL update – Sam Noble

8:00 Neighborhood Cleanup 2019 - Mike Turaski

8:10 Friends of Mount Tabor report – Bing Wong

8:15 MTNA email notices – Jim Smith

8:20 Adjourn

Next Meetings: Third Wednesday of every month –August 15, September 19, October 17 at 7 PM. Location: Mt Tabor Presbyterian Church at 5441 SE Belmont St. (downstairs in the dining hall)

For More Information:

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