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When is a Rebate a Treebate?

Trees are messy, expensive (ask any homeowner who has to trim their trees!), dangerous, and lifesavers. (They are also fun if you have one that invites climbing.)

Read about the City of Portland's Treebate program, and hug a tree today! They keep us cool, dry, and breathing safely:

Get ready for the next grant period, which arrives in September (unless Portland cancels the program) and visit their website for more information about Treebate eligibility:

"Treebate is an annual program, running from September 1 to April 30, which is the best time to plant a tree in Portland. Trees must be purchased, planted, and applications submitted during that time. Only applications for trees planted during the current planting season are eligible...."

(If that link dies, as links do, search these keywords: Portland Oregon Treebate trees grant program.)

This blog post was published on 6/3/24 (by Laura).



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