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Mt Tabor Park News, Spring 2021

Sign up for news updates from the Friends of Mt Tabor Park, and get the Tabor Times via email once a month.

Get updates on nature walks and tree and bird news, e.g. the excellent 2021 Spring Nature series. Learn what the Friends of Mt Tabor Park can and can't do. E.g. they can keep a Lost and Found!

However, they can't do everything Park-Related: please note that “Problems in the Park” are not matters the Friends can solve. Here is how you can be part of the solution to those problems:

“We'd like to remind everyone that problems related to roads, bathrooms, dog park, drinking fountains, playground equipment, lights, gates, graffiti, vandalism, or property destruction … etc are beyond the scope of Friends of Mt. Tabor Park volunteer organization.

As much as we would like to help with these problems, they are considered infrastructure problems, and are the responsibility of PPR (Portland Parks & Recreation), and the City of Portland. Please submit your concern to the website ParkScan, the official method of reporting problems to PPR. They do actually read these reports each day. This is the best way to get your message heard/read.

In case of an emergency, please call Portland Police East Precinct at 503-823-4800. You can reach police non emergency at 503-823-333. I've put these numbers in my phone so that I will have the numbers on hand while walking in the park.


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