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Alternatives to calling the Portland Police Bureau

A Mt Tabor neighbor shared with the group* this website that has a list of When You Need Help contacts, which can be used before, after, or instead of calling the police:

Don't Call The Police: Community-based alternatives to police in Portland, Oregon.

Don't forget there is also 211 Info, which also has contact information for When You Need Help.

* A blog post that summarizes Mt Tabor neighborhood social media and email groups. It's a June 2020 blog post so let us know if you see any links that need to be corrected:

Note from Laura: For some reason, WIX (our website and blogging platform) does not show the blog post publication date (unless you peer at the URL). This seems to be a thing or trend with website and blog designers and content creators, i.e. not telling readers when the site's pages or posts were updated or published, but it's very annoying so: this blog post was published on 2/6/2022


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