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Have Your Say: Hawthorne/Lincoln Traffic and Diverter: Survey Link

This Hawthorne/Lincoln traffic and diverter survey is about traffic and safety issues on Hawthorne and Lincoln, and the diverters put in at SE 50th and Lincoln:

The Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) is conducting a survey and your input would be appreciated. Follow the link below to start the survey.

Our MTNA volunteers thank you for your participation!

More Survey Info:

1 The survey will be turned off on April 20th, 2019, in time to do some analysis for a meeting. It may be reopened later if a second round of outreach is needed.

2) Time to complete survey: It depends! Currently the survey tracking tool says that it takes about 9 minutes to fill out. Thank you for your thoughtful answers.

3) We don’t think there is a fully functional “Save” option, so please allow time to complete the survey in one sitting. You can email MTNA if you have any questions or concerns about the Survey:

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