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Portland, Oregon, Twitter and other Social Media Links

Twitter is one, among many, ways to keep up with current and official City of Portland events. The City of Portland has a Social Media Directory that lists elected official and department Twitter and other Social Media addresses. The list is not comprehensive, which is virtually impossible to do, so make sure you visit the elected official's or city department, bureau, or office's website to find more and recently updated Social Media sites. Look for "Connect" (and variations on that theme) banners on their respective websites.

Think ahead, too. What if there is an earthquake, a flood, a major power failure? Now's the time to experiment with a variety of ways to keep abreast of current events and alerts. Find out, for example, how the following entities communicate with the public on important matters: Portland Police Bureau, the Mayor's Office, Trimet, Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Also important: Not all emergency and alert sites are official, which does not mean the site and the information won't be correct or accurate. But you must put on your Website and Social Media Evaluation and Crap Detector Hat. The best Hat will have a fan because above all else, a cool head is the most valuable emergency planning (and website evaluation) tool in your disaster grab and go kit.

Your neighborhood Social Media sites will also be useful.

Note: the above links may change, break or otherwise fail. Use a search engine to find the latest links. Search engines don't always put the most recent search results at the top of their lists so make sure you sort by date or otherwise verify the validity, authenticity, and safety of the website you visit.

Disclaimer: This blog post does not endorse any person, product, or company.

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