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Who to Call or Write at City Hall about our Mt Tabor Reservoirs, PART 1

Why is Reservoir 6 still empty? (See also previous MTNA blog posts on Reservoir 6)

If you want to call, email, or write to find out why, here’s some contact information:

Note: Commissioner assignments can be changed by the Mayor: Visit the Commissioner in Charge website to find out which departments each member of City Council has been assigned: Commissioners in Charge:

As of today, Feb 21, 2022:

Write to this address:

Mayor [Name] or Commissioner [Name]

Portland City Hall

1221 SW 4th Ave

Portland, OR 97204

Phone numbers and Email addresses:

Mayor Wheeler:

Elected 2020

Phone: 503-823-4120

Commissioner Mapps:

Commissioner in Charge of the Water Bureau (among others city departments)

Elected Nov 2020


Water Bureau: Mt Tabor Reservoir contacts:

Call or email:

Katy Asher: Water Bureau Senior Communications Specialist (formerly at SE Uplift)


Other Water Bureau “Contact Us” pages:

See also Washington Park Reservoirs project overview:

Other Commissioners who vote on Portland city parks’ reservoir maintenance and budget issues:

Commissioner Rubio:

Commissioner in Charge of the Parks Department (among other departments)

Elected Nov 2020:

Phone: 503-823-3008

Commissioner Hardesty:

Commissioner in Charge of Office of Community & Civic Life Department (among other departments)

Elected 2018:

Phone: 503-823-4151

This post was published 2/21/2022 (by Laura)


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