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Report Road, Sidewalk, and Other Problems to PDX Reporter

Did you know you could report the following types of problems, and others, on the city's PDX Reporter app?

Abandoned autos, campsites, roadway debris, graffiti, illegal parking, sidewalk cafe violations, street lighting, work zone concerns (roads and sidewalks), and the all-encompassing "other."

Here's the URL - be prepared to enter a user name and password:

You can also attend a Mt Tabor Neighborhood Association meeting and ask your neighbors for advice and tips on citizen advocacy (with cookies):

MTNA Meetings:

  • Board and General meetings take place at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church (at 54th and Belmont).

  • Parking lot entrance is on 54th and you can enter the building from 54th and from Belmont.

  • Meetings run from 7:00 PM–8:30 PM, on the third Wednesday of the month.

  • Meetings are handicapped-accessible and open to the public.

  • Route 15 Belmont bus drops you at the corner of 55th and Route 71 bus stops are on SE 60th and Belmont.

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