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Is Public Office in Your Future? The May 2021 MTNA Board Election Ballot Awaits You

Running for and serving on a school board, or as the proverbial dog catcher, aren't your only options for gaining experience as an elected official.

Civics in Action: Serve on Your Mt Tabor Neighborhood Association (MTNA) Board: May 2021 Election

Learn about election deadlines, bylaws, ordinances, budgets, statues, running meetings, public communications, public records, and more. Become part of the solution, have your say, meet your neighbors, and make new friends.

Read MTNA election rules and more here at the MTNA website (click on About). (Hint: Meeting election deadlines and understanding budgets are really important, as are asking questions, listening, and learning about all your neighbors.)

The MTNA Board is an all volunteer board and Board Member terms run May 2021 - April 2022.

How to get on the ballot: Read the Bylaws for deadlines (and more) and then send your name via email:


Subject: Nominations


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