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Neighborhood Cleanup - CANCELLED

The Mt. Tabor and N. Tabor Neighborhood Associations have cancelled our annual joint neighborhood cleanup, originally scheduled for Sat. April 30.

We apologize to all our community members for not being able to provide this very popular community event and service this year. We know that many Mt. Tabor and N. Tabor neighbors save up their junk all year with the expectation that they will be able to drop it off at the cleanup. Last year, the MTNA/NTNA cleanup was the largest in inner SE Portland with nearly 300 cars and trucks served.

(For a calendar of neighborhood cleanups that are still going forward, go to the SE Uplift website at:  Other Neighborhood Cleanups .)

This is the first time in fifteen years that we've had to cancel the cleanup.  Here's why:

DEQ/Metro have new rules that prohibit us from taking any of a long list of materials that might have asbestos. Metro also would impose significant fines ($2,000 to $8,000) if any of these materials get into our bulky waste drop boxes that go to the Metro transfer station. Metro also is not taking lumber with paint, yard debris, and other materials that people commonly bring to a neighborhood cleanup.

We only grasped the full scope and implications of the new asbestos rules at the end of last week.

Our community volunteers do not have the inspection and enforcement training needed to ensure that none of these materials get through. (We’re not even sure we know what some of these materials look like.) Also, the need to inspect every load more thoroughly and the possibility of having to send many people back home with materials that they thought they could drop off with us would create significant delays and lots of very angry customers.

The bottom line is that we can’t take chance that our neighborhood associations could be fined and suffer a significant financial loss on what is supposed to be our main annual fundraising event. (A number of other neighborhoods also are cancelling their neighborhood cleanups this spring for the same reason, including some other neighborhood associations in inner SE Portland.)

We very much appreciate all the support we received this year from Portland Disposal, McFarlane's Bark, Community Warehouse, Green Century, the Mt. Tabor Middle School PTA, Mt. Tabor Middle School, SE Uplift Neighborhood Coalition, and all our other community partners.

Thank you!

Paul Leistner, neighborhood cleanup co-coordinator
Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association
2350 SE 57th Ave.
Portland, OR  97215,

Monthly MTNA Meetings

Our monthly meetings are handicap-accessible, open to the public, and on the third Wednesday at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church (located at SE 54th & Belmont) from 7-8:30 PM.

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Admisson is free at the kayak museum

At least 30 full-sized, functional replicas of Arctic hunting kayaks as well as other exotic watercraft, are displayed  in the museum at 5340 SE Lincoln St. Admission is free, but for now the only scheduled open hours are from 4 pm to 7 pm Wednesdays and from 9am-noon on Tuedays and Thursdays.. Visitors are also welcome when there is an “Open” sign in the window or by arranging an appointment by calling the building’s owner and the builder of the kayaks, Harvey Golden, at 503-234-0264 or contacting him at

More information can be obtained by visiting or The Facebook initials are for the museum’s formal name, The Lincoln Street Kayak and Canoe Museum.